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Where To Eat With Someone Who’s Cooler Than You

12 great restaurants that will convince this person you’re actually the cooler one.

12 Spots
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12 Spots
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There’s more to life than being cool. But when you need to plan a dinner with someone you know or strongly suspect to be cooler than you, that’s easy to forget. So here’s a list of restaurants that will help convince this person you’re actually the cool one. It has some places that aren’t too well-known, plus others that are objectively impressive but not impossible to get into. Eat dinner at one of them, then stop worrying what this person thinks - at least until the next time you have dinner together.

the spots


$$$$ 125 E 7th St

On top of being worried about the normal date stuff, like avoiding awkward silences and making sure you don’t have arugula in your teeth, you also want to pick a spot that says, “I’m clearly into cool sh*t.” Try this 20-seat East Village wine bar. Get some really good small plates from the constantly-changing menu, then ask the bartender to tell you about some of the 250 natural wines they serve. That should give you a few seconds to check the food-in-teeth status with your phone camera, too.


French  in  Tribeca
$$$$ 241 W Broadway

Celebrities hung out at Florent and The Odeon in the ’80s, artists and tourists hung out at Balthazar in the ’90s, and now people who like natural wine, excellent French-ish food, and loud, crowded scenes go to Frenchette. Provided they can get in. Make a reservation here well in advance, and if you want to look as cool as possible, order the lobster. Everyone around you will be jealous.

Holy Ground

AmericanSteaksBBQ  in  Tribeca
$$$$ 109 W Broadway

Most steakhouses are cool in an old-timey kind of way - in other words, not exactly trendy. And while Holy Ground has a lot of familiar features (like red leather booths, low ceilings, and great martinis), it also has things you definitely won’t find at spots in Midtown or FiDi. Most notably, slow-smoked meats. So instead of a porterhouse, get a massive beef rib served next to the bone, which looks like it could have belonged to a medium-sized dinosaur.


$$$$ 575 Henry St.

Your friend posts pictures from European beaches and luxury resorts in the middle of the desert, and somehow she’s already been to all the more upscale places you suggest. So go another route, and meet at this BYO pizza spot in Carroll Gardens. You might have to get there two hours before her to put your name down, but she doesn’t need to know about that, and this will be some of the best pizza either of you has ever had.


$$$$ 43 Canal St

There are a lot of restaurants on the lower part of the Lower East Side, and they tend to be filled with people who keep track of things like clothing trends and pop culture. So if you want to convince someone you know about that stuff, take them to Cervo’s. It’s a Portuguese-inspired place from the people behind Hart’s, and they have some great seafood small plates as well as a very good lamb burger. There’s also a long bar, which is where you should drink wine and eat clams while talking about whatever shows everyone is supposed to be watching.


$$$$ 102 Suffolk St

This Japanese spot on the LES is the size of a studio apartment, but serves dishes ranging from oden (small bowls of dashi broth with ingredients like daikon or fried octopus) to Japanese spaghetti topped with a ton of uni. Sit at the counter drinking natural wine while you watch the chef prepare your dinner, and wait for your popular-kid cousin to suggest that you pick the place next time, too.

Nobody is too cool for Peter Luger. If they think they are, then maybe you should bail on them with an apologetic, emoji-filled text about a burst pipe in your apartment. This Williamsburg steakhouse has been around since 1887, and watching the tuxedoed servers pour meat juices and melted butter (which they refer to as “vitamins”) over a porterhouse is an experience every New Yorker needs to have.

Take 31

Korean  in  Koreatown
$$$$ 15 E 31st St

Take 31 is a Korean restaurant on 31st Street from the same people behind Her Name is Han and Nonono - and if you know what to order here, you’ll easily impress whoever you’re having dinner with. First off, get a stew for the table. It comes in a big metal pan with a flame underneath, and it’ll be enough for two people. Next, get a jar of makgeolli, a Korean rice wine they blend into slushy form with things like peach and banana. At this point, you should be doing just fine, although getting a seafood pancake too isn’t a bad idea. Just be sure to get here early, because it fills up fast (they don’t take reservations).

Dirty French

$$$$ 180 Ludlow Street

If you’re pretty sure your friend is more interested in showing off a new haircut than eating something good - but you’re personally more interested in food - go to Dirty French. Your friend can enjoy the experience of eating in a room full of expensively dressed people, while you enjoy some really good variations on traditional French dishes, along with drinks from the long wine list.


$$$$ 23 Lexington Ave

Simon & The Whale is the main restaurant at the Freehand Hotel, but there’s another one from the same people on the second floor. It’s called Studio, it’s open all day, and it feels kind of like a clubhouse for people who work for fashion magazines (with a bar, a bunch of potted plants, and some booths in the middle draped with fur blankets). There’s a good chance you’ll see someone you recognize from social media eating a lamb burger or some grains with avocado and tahini, if that’s not the person you came with in the first place.

Le French Diner

$$$$ 188 Orchard St

The first time you go to Le French Diner, you’ll wonder how it took you so long to find out about this place. It’s a tiny French restaurant on the Lower East Side that looks like a casual wine bar - and while you can definitely get wine here, you mostly come for the food. Try the steak that comes with a square of cheesy potatoes, or the octopus or the escargots. Or all three. You can’t really go wrong.


$$$$ 18 Harrison Pl

If you’re meeting in East Williamsburg, you have some options everyone already knows about, like Roberta’s. Try this less-well-known spot instead. It serves high-quality American/Mediterranean food like mussels, ribs, and duck confit, and has a nice space you’ll want to hang out in for a while.

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