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The Margarita Power Rankings

The 12 best margaritas in Los Angeles, period.

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12 Spots
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12 Spots
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Can a city have an official cocktail? If the answer is yes, then LA’s is unquestionably the margarita. Thanks to year-round sunshine and incredible Mexican restaurants in every corner of the city, you don’t have to look far to find a marvelous margarita. That said, you also don’t have to look far for a bad one.

What makes for a great margarita? That was the subject of much debate in The Infatuation office, but after some yelling (and an ugly triple-sec tossing incident), we finally agreed on the following criteria: Not too much sweet and sour mix, plenty of alcohol, and a well-salted rim. It doesn’t hurt if it’s also served in an environment that actually makes us want to drink margaritas with our friends. After all, this is the ultimate social cocktail - and these 12 are ultimately the best in LA.


El Compadre

$$$$ 7408 W Sunset Blvd

You will not find a better (or stronger) margarita in Los Angeles than the one they light on fire at El Compadre. This isn’t some finessed, modern cocktail with cactus root and a dollop of Himalayan crystal foam on top. It’s a classic sweet and sour-kissed margarita with a floating lemon peel full of 151 that they light on fire. Tip: Don’t let it burn out on its own. Push the peel down into the drink with your straw, and stir it around to add a smoky flavor that will definitely have you ordering a second. And probably a third.


El Coyote

Mexican  in  Fairfax
$$$$ 7312 Beverly Blvd.

This gigantic Mexican restaurant on Beverly has been open since 1931, and though the food isn’t anything to write home about, after a couple of their margaritas, you won’t be able to write anyway. We go for the house version, but if you’re in the mood for something slightly less sweet, the Scratch is always good as well. No matter which one you end up with, just make sure you take advantage of the best drinking hack in the city: Ask for your ice on the side and you’ll get a giant chalice of margarita that basically equals two for the price of one.


Everson Royce Bar

$$$$ 1936 E 7th St

There are several reasons why you should be hanging out at Everson Royce Bar (the patio, the biscuits, our favorite burger in LA), and the Mateo Street Margarita is one of them. Made with tequila, prickly pear, Cointreau, and lime, this is definitely a modern margarita, but not so much so that you forget what you’re drinking. The sweetness of the prickly pear and Cointreau balance perfectly together and the chili-salted rim provides the right amount of spicy finish.


Casa Vega

$$$$ 13301 Ventura Blvd

This classic Mexican restaurant in Sherman Oaks has 12 different margaritas on their menu, ranging from hibiscus to blended coconut to pineapple basil. While we’ve never had a bad one here, you simply can’t beat the Casa Vega. It’s made with just tequila, Cointreau, and lime juice, meaning it’s not overly sweet - and meaning you will probably down several without even realizing it. But once you do, and suddenly need some food, go for the taco salad or the lobster quesadilla.


Bar Amá

$$$$ 118 W. 4th St.

Come to this Downtown Tex-Mex spot any night of the week and you’ll find it full of friends and coworkers eating off-menu puffy tacos, going to town on some truly great queso dip, and drinking Amá’s margarita like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a pretty straightforward version (tequila, triple sec, agave, and lime), but the ingredients are high quality and the overall taste isn’t too tart, either. Its chili-salt rim delivers a nice kick at the end.


El Carmen

$$$$ 8138 W 3rd St

This neighborhood cantina in Beverly Grove doesn’t have the best Mexican food in LA, or even in Beverly Grove, for that matter. That said, there’s still something about El Carmen’s dark, tunnel-like space that just makes you want to drink too many margaritas on a work night. The El Perfecto is their classic, and while it’s certainly delicious, we go for the spicy version - mixed with muddled jalapeno - instead. Come during their weekly Happy Happy from 5-7pm and get it for $5.


Casablanca Restaurant

Mexican  in  Venice
$$$$ 220 Lincoln Blvd

Since 1980, Casablanca has been serving some of Venice’s most consistent Mexican food in an atmosphere that always seems to be bordering on complete chaos. And if you’re wondering why, look no further than the Tequila Express. It’s a roaming tequila cart manned by a margarita specialist* who will create an “Ultimate Margarita Experience” at your table. Is that basically just another way of saying “A really good margarita”? You bet - but we give them bonus points for the hyperbole.

*dream job


Accomplice Bar

$$$$ 3811 Grand View Blvd

Accomplice is our favorite cocktail bar on the Westside, so it’s fitting they serve a margarita that also makes this list. With ingredients that include allspice, falernum, and Blue Majik (an algae extract), this isn’t your typical Saturday margarita, but it’s also one we could drink all night. It’s spicy, fruity, and tastes like the ocean in a way that makes you want to drink the ocean. When you get hungry, order some food from Little Fatty, the Taiwanese spot located right next door.


Don Cuco Mexican Restaurant

Mexican  in  Burbank
$$$$ 218 E Orange Grove Ave

Though it’s been in operation since 1969, this Toluca Lake Mexican restaurant (they also have locations in Burbank and Simi Valley) doesn’t have the prestige of spots like El Coyote or Casa Vega. That said, they do serve an excellent margarita. It’s definitely on the sweeter side, so expect the first few sips to be a sugary slap in the mouth, but after a few more, your taste buds will recalibrate. They’re also enormous, so you only need two before the buzz hits hard. Be sure to get the tortilla soup - it’s one of our favorites in town.


El Cholo

$$$$ 1121 S Western Avenue

El Cholo has locations all over LA, but the only one you need to concern yourself with is the original in Koreatown. Established in 1923, this sprawling restaurant on Western Ave. feels like a city, except instead of traffic and skyrocketing rent, there are giant enchilada combo platters and incredibly strong margaritas. They’ve been serving the classic El Cholo margarita since 1967 and it’s smoky, tart, and delicious. As far as the food goes, we usually get the Sonora-style enchiladas or fajitas.


Petty Cash

Mexican  in  Fairfax
$$$$ 7360 Beverly Blvd.

This modern Mexican spot on Beverly is one of our favorite places to grab a quick drink after work. The bright, graffiti-adorned space is packed with people eating slightly overpriced tacos and ceviches and drinking margaritas until the conversation loosens up. Their house margarita is solid, but we usually go for the hibiscus - made with mezcal, lime, grapefruit, and curacao.


Gracias Madre

$$$$ 8905 Melrose Ave

We’ve been pretty hard on this West Hollywood vegan restaurant over the years, and for good reason - the food is objectively bland and the flower crown-adorned crowd kills a part of our soul every time we go. That said, one element we will always give this place credit for are the excellent cocktails. In particular, its margaritas. You can choose between regular, picante, or mezcal, but we usually do the Oaxacan Sour for a bit more smokiness.

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