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The Eastside Brunch Guide

Your guide to the 23 best brunches on the Eastside, from East Hollywood to Highland Park.

23 Spots
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23 Spots
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The neighborhoods that make up LA’s Eastside have long been among the city’s best areas for brunch. Chalk it up to a dense population of all-day cafes or its residents’ unrelenting urge to find the purest form of egg white, but you can’t walk 10 yards on the Eastside without stumbling past an above-average veggie scramble.

Brunch in these neighborhoods can get overwhelming (and extremely crowded), so we’re here to make sure you and your friends actually enjoy yourselves. Here are the 23 best brunches on the Eastside for weekend glory.

Los Feliz


$$$$ 4648 Hollywood Blvd

Kismet is a fantastic restaurant, and brunch might be when this Los Feliz spot is at its best. The food is kind of Mediterranean, kind of Middle Eastern, and mostly things we want to eat all the time. Get some flakey bread with labneh and poached eggs, and do as everyone here does: order the broccoli toast.

Jakob Layman

All Time

$$$$ 2040 Hillhurst Ave

All Time looks like it could be any other Eastside cafe with a big patio, but it has much better food than most other Eastside cafes with big patios. The menu is pretty simple, but we don’t always need flowers on our avocado toast and sous vide eggs - sometimes bacon, eggs, and fantastic roasted mushrooms are more than enough. Plus, they aren’t going to hurry you off that shady patio, so it’s a great place for a lazy Sunday morning pretending you’re the kind of person who reads the paper.

Maury's Bagels

$$$$ 2829 Bellevue Ave,

You may already be familiar with Maury’s, a bagel pop-up that used to always sell out at Dinosaur Coffee and the Hollywood Farmer’s Market. Now it’s gone permanent in Silver Lake, and it’s better than ever. The fresh bagels are very good, but the real star is the fish they cure in-house. We like the whitefish salad and traditional Nova lox, but our absolute favorite is the ikura (red caviar), served open-face with cucumbers and dill. Despite lines out the door, things move quickly, so even if you’re hungover and grumpy, you’ll still be very happy. Seating options are limited, so make sure you grab a seat at one of the picnic tables outside if you can.


$$$$ 4624 Hollywood Blvd.

Last night’s Echoplex outing got a little sloppy and you woke up with three separate “Tristan”s in your phone. Time for breakfast tacos at HomeState. The order-at-the-counter Tex-Mex spot has a constant line, but they also manage it extremely efficiently. If you can’t deal with interacting with other humans, you can also place your order online ahead of time and it’ll be there waiting for you and your hangover.

Little Dom's

$$$$ 2128 Hillhurst Ave.

Little Dom’s is probably best known as the place you fell in love with the person it eventually didn’t work out with, but sexy date night aside, this Los Feliz mainstay also has one of our favorite brunches in the area. If you’re looking to get in early and still make something of your Saturday, they start serving at 8am. But after housing a scrambled egg bruschetta and some speck pizza, we’re going back for a nap.

Go Get Em Tiger

$$$$ 4630 Hollywood Boulevard

You’re at Go Get Em Tiger for the coffee and the patio that’s surprisingly pleasant for how close to Hollywood Blvd you are. Dave Franco and Alison Brie pretending not to be hungover in the line behind you are just an added bonus. Bigger than the original location on Larchmont, this is a spot you can hang out in for a good chunk of your morning. It’s also a spot where you can order a mung bean scallion pancake for breakfast - a thing we recommend you do, even if you feel ridiculous as the words come out of your mouth.

Jakob Layman

Mustard Seed Cafe

$$$$ 1948 Hillhurst Ave

We love Mustard Seed for several reasons. For starters, the only people who go here live around here, meaning you get to bypass the hordes of aggressive weekend warriors. Second, the food is excellent. And lastly, you’ll probably see at least one cast member of It’s Always Sunny eating eggs. This is a true neighborhood spot that’ll never disappoint.

Home Restaurant

$$$$ 1760 Hillhurst Ave

Home is where you go to get champagne drunk in a Los Feliz treehouse. The space is absolutely weird - there are tree branches “growing” out from all over the dining room and for some reason a big fountain in the middle of it all. But there’s also a big, crowd-pleasing menu with everything from grain bowls to chicken fried steak to huevos rancheros. The excellent egg sandwich is a very good cure for your questionable decision that last night was a good time to try absinthe.


Holly Liss


$$$$ 2490 Fletcher Dr

It should come as no surprise that one of LA’s best restaurants also has a pretty phenomenal brunch situation. They don’t accept reservations, so get there early or be prepared to put your name down and walk around Frogtown for 45 minutes. But once you’re on that patio you’ll find almost the exact same menu you love from dinner, with a bunch of brunch stuff added in. Chorizo plate? Shrimp quesadilla with a fried egg on top? It’s all worth the wait. Important: they do brunch on weekdays as well.

Jakob Layman

Spoke Bicycle Cafe

$$$$ 3050 N Coolidge Ave

Completely bored of every brunch spot on the Eastside? Go to Spoke Bicycle Cafe. Located right on the LA River bike path in Frogtown, this tiny spot started out as an actual bike shop, but has morphed into an outdoor cafe/community hangout that’s unlike anywhere else in the city right now. You order off the simple (and vegan-friendly) menu at the indoor counter and then sit at one of the big picnic tables outside, scarf down some ricotta toast, watch the cyclists come in and out, and listen to a live band playing in the corner.

SIlver Lake

Holly Liss


$$$$ 720 N. Virgil Ave.

If you’re looking for the most quintessential Eastside brunch in existence, you’re looking for Sqirl. It’s sort of healthy, sort of not, and you will probably see a shaman when you go. The lines at this daytime only, order-at-the-counter spot can get rough over the weekends, but our recommendation is to just deal with it. Once you sit down with that brioche toast and sorrel pesto bowl staring back at you, it’ll all be worth it.


Deli  in  Silver Lake
$$$$ 2619 Sunset Blvd

You probably think of this Silver Lake spot for their Jewish comfort food-filled dinner, but Freedman’s also serves a brunch that is very much worth driving by that frightening rotating foot doctor sign on Sunset for. While you could treat this place like a slightly fancy deli and order a bagel and smoked salmon, there are also more unusual dishes like a corned beef tongue hash and a chicken skin and avocado sandwich. Don’t ignore the excellent cocktails either.

Jakob Layman


$$$$ 1620 Silver Lake Boulevard

The fact that there’s now a restaurant that says they believe “healthful cooking can be vibrant, creative and wildly satisfying” means we’ve hit peak Silver Lake. But the good news is peak Silver Lake still means food you actually want to get out of bed for. Botanica is located on Silver Lake Blvd a few blocks from the reservoir and is the kind of bright, airy cafe you only thought existed in Katherine Heigl movies. But it’s real, and its produce-focused menu is the brunch you need after that 2am burrito last night. Get the Turkish eggs and a side of bacon.

L&E Oyster Bar

$$$$ 1637 Silver Lake Blvd

Another place better-known for being your date-night (or oyster Happy Hour) go-to, L&E also does a great brunch. The same excellent oysters make appearances not only in raw form, but also fried and stuffed in an omelette with peach-infused hot sauce. If oysters seem like a lot for your first meal of the day, there’s also the Moroccan spiced eggs and a biscuit breakfast sandwich.

Benji Dell

Little Pine Restaurant

$$$$ 2870 Rowena Ave

Yes, the Moby-owned, 100%-of-proceeds-go-to-animal-welfare restaurant feels like a joke, but if you’re still writing off this bright Silver Lake cafe, the joke’s frankly on you. Because plain and simple, this food is good. And despite what you might assume, the atmosphere inside is relaxed and unpretentious. The lemon poppyseed pancakes are necessary, but it’s hard to go wrong with anything at the best vegan brunch in town.

Millie's Cafe / Facebook

Millie's Cafe

$$$$ 3524 W Sunset Blvd

This list has plenty of new spots, but few compete with one of the oldest brunches of them all: Millie’s. The 90-year-old breakfast landmark has been curing LA’s hangovers since prohibition, with everything from omelettes to benedicts to burritos to something they call the Devil’s Mess. It’s an Eastside classic that’s always there when you just need eggs in front of your face ASAP.


$$$$ 2442 Hyperion Ave

You told your friends you weren’t going to Bootie LA this week, and yet there you were at 1:30am in a jean vest acting like you just heard Firework for the first time. It happens. And now you’re at Barbrix with your friends trying to figure out which Uber you left your phone in. The Silver Lake brunch mainstay has solid, hangover-curing food, a casual feel, and $8 bottomless mimosas if it’s time to get back on the horse.

East Hollywood

Jakob Layman

Friends & Family

$$$$ 5150 Hollywood Blvd

Friends & Family is a neighborhood spot that doesn’t have any kind of brunch scene, but does have very good eggs and baked goods. At one table, you might see people catching up over pancakes, right next to roommates slowly consuming patty melts to bring themselves back to life. If you’ve just moved from Chicago to Los Feliz and feel like you haven’t found your go-to Sunday morning spot yet, head here and order that patty melt and the olive oil fried eggs.

Square One Dining

$$$$ 4854 Fountain Ave

Square One has been around for years and is still the Eastside’s best option for a simple, quality morning meal. They’re open until 3pm and lines can get long here on the weekends, so try to beat the rush if you can. The original location on Fountain Ave. will always be our favorite, but the newer Square One on Hyperion in Silver Lake has the same great food and is order-at-the-counter if you don’t have all day. Eating the brioche French toast is a religious experience.

Echo Park

Ostrich Farm

$$$$ 1525 W Sunset Blvd

Your parents are in town and they texted you at 6:30am inquiring about breakfast. 3.5 hours and seven increasingly panicked texts later, you’re all headed to Ostrich Farm - one of the better all-around restaurants on the Eastside. And one with a daily brunch that will make Mom and Dad extremely happy. You can’t go wrong with the breakfast sandwich or any of the tartines, and their coffee is excellent.

The Semi-Tropic

$$$$ 1412 Glendale Blvd

When you’re sick of waiting in the hour-long lines everywhere else on Sunset Blvd, just go to The Semi-Tropic. The coffee shop/wine bar/all-day hangout doesn’t have the most inventive or drive-worthy brunch on the Eastside, but if you’re in the area and just need some eggs, this place will do the trick. It’s also a great, casual space off the beaten brunch path, with big couches ideal for when you’re also spending your Sunday pretending to work on your screenplay.

Highland Park

Cafe Birdie

$$$$ 5631 N Figueroa St

Cafe Birdie is a place you should go whether you’re a Highland Park local or it’s your first Saturday on York Street. There’s not usually a wait for brunch, and the room is nice enough that you could bring your mom here for birthday brunch, but not so nice that you can’t just show up after a Sunday morning hike. We like the shakshuka and the biscuits and gravy, and their lamb breakfast - flatbread with lamb, harissa, and an egg. And their spicy Bloody Marys.

Glassell Park

Lemon Poppy Kitchen / Facebook

Lemon Poppy Kitchen

$$$$ 3324 Verdugo Rd

Lemon Poppy Kitchen is a small cafe in a Glassell Park strip mall that serves Romanian breakfast staples like housemade pastries, meat-filled sandwiches, and planchitas - flatbreads stuffed with everything from feta and dill to bacon and cheddar. See you there.

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