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The Best Restaurants In Shoreditch

Some of the best spots in London happen to be in Shoreditch. Here are the best restaurants that are actually worth the time and effort.

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Shoreditch, what are you? Are you a workplace or a playground? Are you the vortex of creativity, commerce and cool that came to symbolise the future direction of an entire city, or are you a sell out? Has the party moved on? Has the excitement left for Peckham and London Fields? Are you all washed up? Are you done?

These are just some of the questions we ask ourselves every time we go out to eat in Shoreditch. And having eaten there a lot, our overwhelming conclusion is that as far as food goes, it remains the only neighbourhood in London that can really rival Soho. Love it or hate it, the Shoreditch restaurant scene isn’t going anywhere. And the spots on this guide will tell you why.

The Spots

Rochelle Canteen

££££ Rochelle School

Rochelle Canteen is a brilliant British restaurant in a quiet square off the high street, with some of the most solid cooking in town. You’ll find it by wandering into Arnold Circus and looking for a small blue door marked ‘Rochelle School’. Ring the buzzer for the canteen and you’ll enter a hidden garden with a path leading to the restaurant itself. The menu is excellent (everything from a simple soup to a roast is fantastic) but the feeling of discovery is a huge part of Rochelle Canteen’s appeal. While the restaurant is known mostly for lunch service, it also opens in the evenings closer to the weekend, so you don’t have to take a day off to experience it.

Karolina Wiercigroch

Sông Quê

££££ 134 Kingsland Rd

For some of the absolute best Vietnamese food anywhere in London, Sông Quê should be high on your list. It’s usually slammed with Vietnamese families and locals, most of whom have been coming here for years, and the dining room has the feel of a loud family canteen. We love the banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake) and the grilled quail is also very good, but everything on the menu is fantastic and the prices are super reasonable. It’s perfect for a fun dinner with a big group of friends, or for a quick bowl of their brilliant pho.

Padella Shoreditch

Pasta  in  Shoreditch
££££ 1 Phipp Street

If you were to pick ten Londoners at random, line them up, and demand they tell you what their favourite restaurant is, chances are at least two of them would say Padella. We suggest you don’t actually do that because it’s arguably quite creepy, instead just trust us when we say this excellent handmade pasta restaurant creates near-cult-like feelings of devotion over their £8.50 pici cacio e pepe. Affordable, casual, and home to many a top negroni, their big restaurant just off of Great Eastern Street isn’t quite as charming as their OG spot in Borough Market but it’s still perfect for big pasta cravings and pappardelle-fuelled catch-ups. Plus, unlike their walk-in only spot in Borough Market, a limited number of tables here are available to book, which officially makes it a great shout for a lowkey birthday or a date night where you can’t risk a 40-minute wait in a queue.


££££ 4 Redchurch street

Brat is a bit like that new cool person. The one who your friends are friends with and say you must meet, but who you’re convinced you won’t like because they’re really cool. Then you speak to them properly and realise that they’re actually both really nice and really cool, and then you get on like a house on fire. That’s Brat. Only Brat chucks bread, potatoes, turbot and anything else onto that friendship fire and it tastes absolutely brilliant. A restaurant that everyone should go to.

Molly's Cafe

British  in  Hoxton
££££ 1 Geffrye St

Molly’s Cafe is a space in Hoxton connected to the Museum of the Home where lots of other people - family people, hungover people, excited people, romantic people, solitary people, sultry people - are sitting and smiling and enjoying a rudely rich ice cream sandwich in total contentment. It’s an all-day affair. As good for a bacon sandwich as it is for a mid-afternoon negroni, a gooey lunchtime onion and parmesan tart or a ham and comté croque for the kids. It feels canteen-like in the best possible way. A casual place for second, or seven hundredth, dates as much as it is for solo sandwich goers. It should be no surprise that it’s part of the Anchor & Hope family because like all their spots, inside or outside, you’re going to be very comfortable here.


££££ 18 Phipp Street

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine a place with any kind of relative serenity in Shoreditch. But through all the bustle and ball pits and streams of beer, there’s Leroy. This wine bar is a great spot for when you’re in the area but also looking to escape the area. It’s very easy to get comfortable here, thanks to the room, the wine, and the steady amount of tasty little plates you can pick on.


££££ 54-56 Great Eastern Street

A faux-Italian trattoria plonked in the middle of Old Street and Shoreditch serving pizza and pasta under punny names should, by all rights, be everything you love or hate in the world. It should be a Marmite restaurant. Yet Gloria, with its ridiculous (but quite ridiculously tasty) carbonara mixed in a parmesan wheel, and its desserts that are OTT in looks and flavour, will somehow charm you. Just remember to try and book a table.

Karolina Wiercigroch


BBQ  in  Shoreditch
££££ 35 Sclater St

You ever get those days where you smell a bit whiffy, and all you want to do is sit in a dimly lit room and eat meat off a metal plate? No. Okay. Well, that day will come. When it does, go to Smokestak. This is the best barbecue restaurant in London. The brisket bun is perfect. It’s ergonomically designed to sit in your hand like a really cute small pet that you will eventually eat. Everything else is good too, like salt baked beetroot or charred greens. Plus, you come out smelling all lovely and smokey.

Giulia Verdinelli

Officina 00

££££ 152 Old Street

There are some things that London and Londoners never tire of. Things like free beer, free wine, and more free beer. Oh, and excellent pasta restaurants as well. Officina 00 is another one of those. We’re not saying that a single, flying saucer-like, raviolo bergese stuffed with mushroom and egg yolk will change your life, but we are saying that your life will be much sadder, and much less truffle-covered without it. In fact you’ll be sadder without pretty much every plate of pasta here, from the pork occhi, to the pappardelle, and at around £10 a plate, it’s one of Shoreditch’s best (value) restaurants.

Karolina Wiercigroch


££££ 11 White's Row

Gunpowder has taken London by storm since opening. This inventive sharing plates restaurant isn’t your run of the mill stuff. It’s the sort of place you can get a curried venison filled doughnut that will make you think differently about, well, doughnuts and curry. If you’re the type to get annoyed about an East London location and a ‘different’ approach, don’t be. This is food you’ll be wanting weekly.

Green Papaya Xi'Viet

££££ 97 Kingsland Road

There are more Vietnamese restaurants in Hoxton than there are perfectly balanced beanies. It can be hard to know which are the ones to go for, but Green Papaya is definitely one of them. This is a Vietnamese and Xi’anese hybrid that ticks all the boxes. It’s super casual, tasty, and good value. The bun noodles are excellent as is the pho broth and though it may not all be perfect, it consistently keeps everyone satisfied, and that’s hard to beat.


££££ 56 Shoreditch High St

Lyle’s is a creative British restaurant that’s actually a very nice place to sit and have lunch in Shoreditch. It works as a place to grab a glass of wine with a friend, or to dive into a full tasting menu. Speaking of which, we much prefer lunch here, when the full a la carte is available and you can try more of what’s good that day - evenings are tasting menu-only.

Karolina Wiercigroch


££££ 74 Luke St

You’ve got plans to meet friends later in the week for dinner, and you want to go somewhere fun and exciting, and perhaps something involving a kebab. But you’re tired of anything involving railway arches and Knightsbridge, and you don’t want to come back home smelling of an open fire. In that case, you want to be eating at Oklava, where they’re cooking fantastic, creative Turkish food. Mix it up with some flatbreads and grills, and definitely get some of the vegetable dishes as they’re as good as any of the meat plates. Over-ordering can be a problem as much of the menu is absurdly good, but that’s what we call ‘a good problem’.

The Princess of Shoreditch

Pub  in  Shoreditch
££££ 76 Paul St

If you asked a trendy Shoreditch local to design a pub, the Princess of Shoreditch is what you’d get - it looks like good boozer, but with a polished East End cool about it. No one’s ever going to mistake it for an old school pub but really, we doubt anyone will care when the food’s this good. The roasts are a local fixture on Sundays, with good-looking plates of rare beef, lamb, and pork landing on tables at a fair clip.

Viet Grill

££££ 58 Kingsland Rd

Viet Grill is all about great Vietnamese food and fun cocktails in a cool environment. The basement dining room is moody and just a little bit noisy, so it’s a great option for groups looking for a boozy dinner before hitting a bar on the high street, and the upstairs is a little more quiet but still fun. The food covers the bases nicely - solid pho and cha la lot (minced pork wrapped in a leaf and fried) - but the specials are really where it’s at, so keep a look out for whatever’s good on the menu that day.

St. John Bread and Wine

££££ 94-96 Commercial St

St John Bread and Wine takes the food at the legendary St John restaurant in Farringdon, and transfers it into an informal canteen-style dining room close to Spitalfields Market. The British food here is, as ever, excellent. The menu changes all the time, but literally everything is good, whether you’re a fan of nose-to-tail cooking or not. Don’t miss the freshly baked madeleines for afters, and you can grab their fantastic donuts to take away as well. It’s a good place for a casual small group dinner, or for long overdue catch ups.

Karolina Wiercigroch


SpanishPasta  in  Shoreditch
££££ 26 Rivington St

This little Italian restaurant on a quiet street in Shoreditch is one of our favourite places to sit at the bar and eat plates of pasta and seafood, and drink a few glasses of wine. The owner’s mum is Spanish, apparently, so you’ll also find things like vegetables with romesco or hake on the menu, as well as a risotto that’s the best we’ve tried in ages. The vibe and look is completely fitting to the area - bare brick, designer scaffolding, those long hanging light bulbs that are a potential deathtrap - and the service and food are first rate.

Dishoom Shoreditch

££££ 7 Boundary St

Of all the Dishooms in town, this one’s probably our favourite, and not just because it’s the closest one to our office. The service and Indian food is as good as we’ve come to expect, and while the queue is never as bad as some of the others, the verandah is what we love the most - it’s the perfect place to sit for the three days a year when the British summer kicks into full effect. The brunch is still one of the best in the area, but be prepared to get here early to beat the rush.

Hawksmoor Spitalfields

££££ 157 Commercial St

We Brits have always been good at this beef thing, but somehow, our steakhouses have always been rubbish. Hawksmoor changed that, and this, their original Spitalfields restaurant, is where it all started. You can get every cut of cow that exists, properly aged and cooked correctly, with one of the greatest sticky toffee puddings of all time for afters. It’s a polished experience that’s also pricey, but everything from the atmosphere to the service is spot on and worth the hefty price tag. The bar is also excellent in its own right, and makes some of the best cocktails in this part of town.

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