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Where To Go For First Date Drinks

20 of the best spots in London for first date drinks.

20 Spots
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20 Spots
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You’ve done it. After approximately 16 hours spent perfecting your app profile, three months subtly stalking their Instagram, and a couple of very near misses with the private setting on LinkedIn, you’ve finally got yourself a date. There are plenty of bars in London, but there’s always the risk they’re going to be too loud, too intimate, and too expensive when you’re at a potential risk of being catfished. That’s why we’ve made this guide. Whilst you decide whether blue really is your colour, we’ve got the destination covered.

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Happiness Forgets

££££ 8-9 Hoxton Sq

Happiness Forgets is a great name for a first date bar. After all, you’re about to meet someone who’ll either make you very happy, or who you’ll immediately want to forget. It’s an intimate basement bar in Shoreditch, and it’s all about low-lighting and high-quality drinks. Granted, it’s a small spot, but you can reserve a table for two, and it’s open every night of the week.

Two Hundred Rye Lane

££££ 200 Rye Lane

Unless you’re about to go on a date with someone who deems those Taio Cruz-pumping rickshaws to be ‘a proper laugh’, then chances are that a solid 90% of London bars are going to be too loud for you and your date. But not lovely, casual Two Hundred Rye Lane in Peckham. Oh no, they’ll serve you a couple of top pisco sours at happy hour, hold the tequila shots and dubstep remix of Sexual Healing, thank you very much. With the feel of your cool mate’s flat, but drinks that definitely taste better than those made by aforementioned cool mate, it’s perfect for when you’re aiming for that effortless, laidback end of impressive date night.


££££ 16 Fortess road

Wine is the most romantic beverage of choice. We don’t know why but we have a feeling it has something to do with Brigitte Bardot once sipping Bordeaux on screen and grapes being significantly sexier than potatoes. Tabac in Kentish Town is a great little wine bar that’s perfect for casually swilling your wine around your glass and saying profound things like ‘so, which WeWork are you based at?’. You get ’em tiger. But just in case chatting about work doesn’t have the sensual pull one might, maybe, expect, please know that this place also makes a mean cocktail.

Pop Brixton

BurgersSpanishChineseRamenIndianAfrican  in  Brixton
££££ 49 Brixton Station Rd

If you’d rather feign tuberculosis, hide behind a ficus, or actually die alone than attend a first date, then Pop Brixton is for you. That makes it sound depressing, but it isn’t. This big, partly open-air shipping container village has plenty of oxygen to combat that impending sense of doom. There are also plenty of cocktails in the main square bar area, as well as a rustic little wine bar, and the kind of chilled feel where you can trick yourself into thinking you’re just sharing a couple of highballs with a mate. Deep breaths. You’ll be fine.

The Blue Posts

Bar Food  in  Soho
££££ 28 Rupert Street

Sure, the pub is a go-to first date spot. But it can’t just be any pub. No, you need to go to a pub like the Blue Posts. It’s a super cosy and super classy restaurant-y type pub in Soho, where you can get anything from classic lean-and-flirt craft beers downstairs to fancy schmancy biodynamic wines at their upstairs cocktail bar. Plus, if all goes well, you can invest in some high-end charcuterie from the bar.

Sager + Wilde

££££ Arch 250 Paradise Row

Sage in the streets and wild in the sheets. That’s how you want to come across, right? Well head to Sager + Wilde and you’ll be off to the right start. The atmosphere at this Bethnal Green wine bar is 50% trying-to-be-refined-but-flirtatious glass swilling and 50% sharing a handmade pasta because it seems classier than suggesting a nightcap back at yours, stat. It’s a casual but classy vibe for any drink, but especially good for a first meet.

Over Under Coffee

££££ 181A Earls Court Road

Cocktails at a place that’s known for serving coffee? Hello, we have a romantic maverick on our hands. Plus, linking yourself with breakfast - oi oi - can’t be a bad shout can it, because that’s definitely how psychology works. Anyway, the point is we love this place for casual daytime pancakes but we love love love it for a first date power flex featuring some of London’s best espresso martinis. This café-cum-nighttime cocktail bar is genuinely tiny so it has an intimate feel, but trust us, the upbeat soundtrack and friendly service will stop it from ever feeling too serious for first date territory. Heads up, they’re only open in the evening at weekends, but it’s also an excellent shout for a daytime cocktail if that’s all your ‘busy schedule’ (total lack of trust in online dating) can permit for this first meeting.

Quality Wines

££££ 88 - 94 Farringdon Road

This is all about positive associations. Quality wines, quality space… quality person. That’s how it works, right? Anyway, next door to excellent British restaurant Quality Chop House, Quality Wines is a little shop and lunch spot by day and a cosy, candlelit hideout in the evening. The people that work here really know their wine, so it’s a good call if you’re going on a date with someone who name drops a bottle of Pouilly-Fumé in their dating profile.

Bar Americain

££££ 20 Sherwood St

If you enjoy blaming dating apps and ‘bloody social media’ for ruining your love life, then this one’s for you. When you step into Bar Americain it all feels very 1920’s Paris. You know, back when you couldn’t stalk and inevitably judge their Spotify playlists before meeting them. The art deco paintings and cocktail menu will definitely get the conversation flowing. Special shoutout to the Hemingway Daiquiri for being delicious and entirely worth £12.50. If it goes terribly, you can blame it on the rum. If it goes really well, you can head next door to the brasserie for an old school dinner date.

Giulia Verdinelli

The Compton Arms

BritishPub  in  Islington
££££ 4 Compton Avenue

You’ve been out of the game for a while, but now you’re back. Kind of. The prospect of meeting someone via an app who appears to have been born out of a witches pot full of cashmere and cheekbones is, frankly, terrifying. You need some Dutch courage and you need to be somewhere comfortable but cool, like The Compton Arms. Pubs are a safe bet and this little Islington one is a surefire winner. It’s a little bit hidden, it’s got a young crowd, and if all goes Pete Tong, it’s got some of the best food around. And getting up close and personal with that is a result on any first date.

Lady Of The Grapes

££££ 16 Maiden Lane

They look the same in 85% of their pictures, they know the difference between a schnauzer and a beagle, and, by god, they like to watch Bob Ross re-runs when hungover too. When this is a high stakes date, it calls for Lady Of The Grapes. This little wine bar in Covent Garden is kindling for romance. Candlelight? Check. Over 100 types of natural wine to try? Check. Just the right kind of ambience for a little ‘so what’re you up to this weekend’ without it feeling even a little try hard? Absolutely. And just in case that online profile was a little deceptive, there’s plenty of by-the-glass options so you don’t have to commit to a bottle.

Karolina Wiercigroch

The Pineapple

Pub  in  Kentish Town
££££ 51 Leverton St

Bars? Never really trusted them mate. They’re just pubs with fewer food options, serving beer with higher prices. If that sounds like you, then The Pineapple should be on your first date radar. This pub in Kentish Town has all your classic ales, lagers, and spirits, but has just the right amount of character to make it feel romantic. You’ll usually find a bunch of merry locals at the bar, but if you venture out back to their conservatory, then you have all the quaint charm of Richmond Park without having to risk a long trip on the District line. Kind of.

The Gibson

££££ 44 Old St

Your date has a business card that involves the letters ‘PhD’, but you’re still not sure whether green clothes go in the washing machine with the lights or the darks. That’s okay. When you’re venturing on a date where you need to convince the other person that you’re, err, ‘sophisticated’, The Gibson has got your back. This small bar at the quiet end of Old Street has a nightly pianist playing prohibition-esque tunes and seriously creative cocktails. Honestly, we challenge any two people on the planet not to at least share a smile over a cocktail served from a metallic frog with pearls, or out of a coconut complete with a mini fan and pool inflatable. See, sophisticated. And a good laugh. All rolled into one.

Giulia Verdinelli

The Winemakers Club

Wine Bar  in  CityFarringdon
££££ 41a Farringdon St

If you’ve been known to start chatting about your parent’s divorce on a first date - or relay a ‘really interesting’ fact about the Industrial Revolution to fill any and all silence - then this one’s for you. The Winemaker’s Club is a lovely candlelit wine bar situation inside a series of old arches under the Holborn viaduct. Everything from the exposed brick cellar walls to their huge selection of wines make this place seriously grown-up, and as long as you don’t burst into your rendition of Sexual Healing whilst you’re waiting for the bill again - your date will be properly charmed.

Two One Four

££££ 214 Bermondsey Street

Gin might have got you through the best, and the worst, of your singledom, but, this gin bar underneath Flour and Grape has G&T tasting sessions that are perfect for two. You can pick between three different ‘tasting flights’, from one focused on gins brewed in London, to the Orient Express, with gin from India and Sri Lanka. Basically, you try each of them with some top tonic water, and guess which is which before opening up your sealed envelope to see who guessed right. It’s a great spot with a slightly vintage, fashionable lumberjack feel, and completely sets you up for asking if they’ve tried the roasted pork shoulder tortelloni upstairs if you’re fishing for a second date.

Scarfes Bar

££££ 252 High Holborn

In London there’s a high probability of dating someone with their own IMDB profile, merch of their own face, or a family connection to Prince Philip at some point. And, when that day comes, it’s good to know about Scarfes Bar in The Rosewood Hotel. There’s red leather, live jazz bands, plenty of character, and it feels upmarket without being too pretentious. Sure, the cocktails are pretty steep, but they’re also entertaining (hello, the Zingy Stardust), and the menu comes with celebrity drink introductions that are funnier than they sound.

Discount Suit Company

££££ 29a Wentworth St

You know that scene in Titanic where they go to that lower level dancehall, Rose gets all Common People, and everyone’s just having a great time. That’s exactly what you want for your first date. Except maybe with less dancing. And fewer icebergs. Luckily, this small speakeasy beneath the old Discount Suit Company sign in Spitalfields has a banging atmosphere and feels like one of London’s best kept secrets. It’s lively, the staff really know their liquor, and there’s a range of grown-up cocktails starting from around the £8 mark. To avoid any last minute disasters with a bar this small, you should probably book a table for two in advance.

The Anchor & Hope

Pub  in  Southwark
££££ 36 The Cut

The Anchor & Hope is the perfect date spot for anyone who’s ever said ‘love is dead’, whilst also secretly having photos of George and Amal Clooney’s wedding on their phone. This pub isn’t the kind of place that screams romance. It sort of whispers it instead. Sure, most of the walls are painted red and there’s foie gras on their menu but, it’s also very casual. Like you. You can grab a pint, or one of their classic £7 cocktails and sit at the bar. Then, if by some small miracle you don’t despise them, you can move to one of the outdoor tables and share one of their many bottles of wine. And, should you actually like them (we know, shocking), there’s always the option to go for a romantic walk along the river to finish the night off.

The Arts Theatre Club

££££ 50 Frith St

Last time you went on a first date, you decided to throw some culture at the situation and invite them to that hit new play. But how could you have possibly known about all that full-frontal nudity beforehand? Don’t worry, The Arts Theatre Club still makes you sound like you read the culture section of The Guardian. There’s plenty of booze and the option to leave before an interlude if they seem terrible. We’d go for one of their cocktail teapots, find a spot on one of their plush pink sofas, and start dropping charming facts over how this place has been open since the prohibition. How cultured are you.

Hamilton Hall (Wetherspoon)

££££ Bishopsgate

Alright, the jig is up. This date is a farce. Maybe you just can’t face it, or maybe you’ve discovered someone on Tinder who seems like an absolute nightmare, but they also work at Netflix, and you figure that extra £8.99 a month would really come in handy. The point is, Hamilton Hall is the very grand ex-ballroom of The Great Eastern Hotel, and, crucially, one of the nicest JD Wetherspoons in London. There are pints for less than a fiver, it’s partially inside Liverpool Street Station so you’re covered for that inevitable early exit, and cheap burgers in case all that deception makes you peckish. Enjoy.

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