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The Best Desserts In London (Right Now)

A running list of London’s best sweet treats.

14 Spots
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14 Spots
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Updated February 18th, 2021

Based on our 100% legit, scientific studies backed by someone whose name we can’t share for legal reasons, we have found that sweet treats can in fact raise morale, improve productivity (maybe), and make you run faster (possibly not). Okay, full disclosure: it hasn’t been proven in the “traditional” sense, and Elon Musk’s assistant did tell us to stop calling, but, what you should know about the Infatuation London team is that we have an extremely high tolerance to sugar. And a low tolerance for anyone who says no to dessert. And in this guide we will be documenting all of our favourite desserts that you can find, and eat, at London restaurants.

If you’ve eaten a particularly tasty sweet treat recently that you want to share with our team, send us an email at london@theinfatuation.com. Now, onto the sugar.


The Treats Club

££££ Netil Market

“There’s something about food, stuffed inside other food, that gets us inappropriately excited. It’s almost as if we’ve been conditioned to click ‘add to basket’ whenever we see words like ‘Nutella fudge brownie stuffed doughnuts’. And The Treats Club Dessert Bar in Netil Market is serving up all sorts of stuffed sweet treats. Think Oreo-stuffed doughnuts sundaes, Biscoff salted caramel hot glazed doughnuts, and smores hot chocolates. They’re open on the weekends, but you can also order their hot doughnut sundae kits online. They’re fun, easy to make, and taste just as good as they sound.”

- Rianne Shlebak, Editorial Assistant

The Treats Club is open for takeaway, as well as nationwide delivery of their meal kits.

The South East Cakery & Café

££££ 20 Upland Road

“Not a brownie. Not a chocolate bar. A brownie bar. This Dulwich café is making some of the best brownies I’ve had. They’re seriously fudgy, not overwhelmingly chocolatey, and their salted caramel bars have a really nice balance of sweet and ever so slightly salted flavours. I’m obsessed with peanut butter, so I slathered a teaspoon of it on one of these brownies and found my new favourite combination. This spot also has Nutella brownies, as well as birthday cake truffles, and ‘cookiewichs’ - a stuffed cookie sandwich - with flavours like red velvet cookies with white chocolate buttercream, and a classic smores flavour. You can get mix boxes including a little bit of everything on their website.” - RS

South East Cakery is open for takeaway and nationwide postal deliveries.

42nd East Bake House

££££ Leeds Corn Exchange

“Okay, so technically Leeds isn’t London, but given that we’re all stuck at home anyway, all that really matters is that this spot is delivering to London. Right? The point is if you get more excited around sugar than a toddler who’s found a secret stash of Tangfastics, then you’re going to want to know about 42nd East Bake House. This New York-style bakery is making all types of sweet creations, from things like Kinder Bueno cookies, and salted caramel cornflake brownies, to cookie dough pies, and Biscoff-stuffed croissants. Our favourites are the Nutella salted caramel Mars-flavoured cookie, the Oreo-dusted Biscoff cookie, and the slutty brownie (a brownie with a thick layer of cookie dough). They’re based in Leeds, but are delivering customisable boxes of cookies, brownies, and other treats for you to eat at home in London, or wherever you are.” -RS

42nd East Bakehouse is open for nationwide delivery.

Crumbs & Doilies

££££ 1 Kingly Court

“I am not ashamed to admit that I had to Google what a doily is. Forgive me Elizabethan table decor fans, I clearly have not lived. But if anything is going to get me on Team Doily it’s the name of this cute little café that is responsible for London’s best cookies. This place specialises in brownies, cupcakes, and other things that would make a dentist panic, but it’s their New York-style cookies that we have a real soft spot for. They’re excellent and importantly, extra large. All of the flavours are winners but it’s the raspberry white chocolate that has my heart.”

- Heidi Lauth Beasley, Staff Writer

Open for takeaway and nationwide delivery.

Flavourtown Bakery

££££ 771 Fulham Road

“If you spend even a minute on this Fulham cake shop’s Instagram page, then you’ll understand why you don’t just rock up here and get one cupcake to go. No, you might go in with that intention, but you end up leaving with a box of assorted cupcakes, a Mars Bar brownie, a monster slice of red velvet, and a hot choc cookie for the road. And by the road, I mean your mouth. With fun combos like vegan biscoff sundae, and brownie cheesecake cupcakes, you’ll want to try them all. And you should, because they taste even better than they look.” RS

Open for takeaway and delivery to these London postcodes.

Giulia Verdinelli


££££ Unit 9 Market Row

“Okay, before the dessert police turn up and haul me away, it’s worth knowing that the desserts at West African restaurant, Chishuru, change regularly. I can’t promise you that you’ll be able to get their exceptional baobab caramelised mousse or their more-more-more peanut ice cream. I’m sorry. But the good news is that all of the desserts here are fantastic - like, really fantastic - so you’re entering the situation with minimal risk. Expect plenty of nutty crunch factor, creaminess, and a lot of spices.” - HLB

Currently closed to takeaway and delivery but you can get their meal kits here. Dessert included.

Giulia Verdinelli

Dragon Cat Cafe


“To anyone who says that bubble tea isn’t a dessert, convince my dentist. Please. Technically it’s a drink, but it most definitely qualifies in the sense that it’s sweet, it’s a great post meal treat, and one sip has probably got enough sugar to power the whole cast of Rugrats. The point is, this deserves a place on this list, not just because of the sugar levels (which you can choose), but because it’s serving some of the best bubble tea in London. You can get fresh fruit teas, milk lattes, and freshly made wheel cakes, but my favourite thing to get from here is the Oreo milk tea. You can get it hot or cold, with toppings of your choice, including tapioca, brown sugar jelly, and pudding. Whether you live near Hammersmith, or it would take you 45 minutes and a 30 song playlist to get here, it’s worth it.” - RS

Open for takeaway and delivery around Hammersmith, or you can find their bubble tea meal kits here.

Karolina Wiercigroch

River Café

££££ Thames Wharf, Rainville Rd

“I dreamed of this day. I thought of who I would share it with, what I would wear, the endless photographs, and which song I would want played. If you think I’m talking about my wedding, you are sadly mistaken. I’m talking about the magical day where I could finally eat River Café’s signature Chocolate Nemesis dessert at home. This is a chocolate cake with such a formidable reputation that it has its own merch and has been on this institution’s menu since 1989. Sure, it’s £60 for the whole cake - hello overdraft - but what else would you expect from London’s richest chocolate cake.” - HLB

Currently closed, but their online shop is shipping nationwide.

Giulia Verdinelli

Wheelcake Island

££££ Westfield Shopping Centre Ariel Way

“An island made out of a fluffy Taiwanese pancake is exactly where I’d rather be 95% of the time. Especially if it’s as good as the wheel cakes that can be found at this stall in OG Westfield. Think of a cross between a pancake and a bready cake and you won’t be far off. They’re made fresh each day, filled with things like vanilla custard, chocolate, matcha, and oreo, and the cakey outer layer is light and slightly salted, complementing the sweetness of whichever creamy filling you choose. You can go classic with the vanilla custard, but I have a sweet spot for the chocolate and vanilla and oreo flavours. They also have some limited edition seasonal options with things like biscoff or sweet pumpkin which are always excellent.” - RS

Open for takeaway and delivery around Shepherd’s Bush.

Giulia Verdinelli

L'ETO Caffè

££££ 243 Brompton Rd

“Despite my love for chocolate cake, finding one that doesn’t disappoint can be a challenge. So much so that since I came across this particular slice on a late-night sugar search a few years back, I haven’t found one better. It’s a four-tier cake with chocolate cream and raspberry between each chocolate cake layer, covered with chocolate glazing, raspberry crumble, and major Matilda energy. It’s moist, the fresh raspberry makes the chocolatey-ness (it’s a word) less overwhelming, and adds a nice fruity tang. Perfect for chocolate lovers, cake lovers, and Roald Dahl fans who have been dreaming of that cake since they were six years old.” - RS

Open for takeaway and delivery from Knightsbridge, Belgravia, Soho, and Chelsea locations.

Giulia Verdinelli

Fuwa Fuwa

££££ The Brunswick

“There’s pancakes, which I love. There’s cakes, which I also love. And there’s the light and fluffy mixture of the two, topped with biscoff sauce, that you can find at Fuwa Fuwa at the Brunswick Centre in Bloomsbury. This Japanese spot specialises in soufflé pancakes, which means extra fluffy, extra thick, and so good it might ruin other pancakes for you. But it’s worth it. There are choices of different toppings like strawberry and nutella, and blueberry and yuzu cheesecake, but my favourite is the biscoff special. The thick and creamy biscoff sauce comes cascading down covering the pillows - sorry, pancakes - with crushed biscoff, whipped cream, and strawberries. It’s velvety, moreish, and something you should try at least once in your life.” - RS

Open for takeaway and click and collect.



The Best Things We Ate This Week

Giulia Verdinelli


Dessert  in  Soho
££££ 4 D'Arblay St

“Whether the last cookie you came across was at the bottom of a Ben and Jerry’s tub or you regularly polish off a pack of Maryland cookies, the ones you’ll find at this hole-in-the-wall dessert spot in Soho are something else. American-inspired, with a French twist, these cookies are huge, and almost cake-like in texture, which means that flavours like banana dark chocolate taste like actual banana bread, and double chocolate tastes like an actual brownie. As well as those, they have a classic milk chocolate and a white chocolate miso flavour. The winner is the banana dark chocolate, but the milk chocolate comes a close second. FYI, a single cookie is £4, and a box of six comes to £22.” - RS

Open for takeaway and nationwide delivery.


££££ St John’s Wood High Street

“Contrary to popular belief, and some baseless propaganda, ice cream isn’t tied to a certain degree celsius, it’s not tied to a beachy location, or even a time of year. No, it’s a state of mind. The state of mind of a person who does whatever the hell they want, including eating ice cream in the rain. And the gelato at this St John’s Wood spot uses recipes from Bologna to make some of the creamiest gelato you’ll find in London. Their ‘classic’ flavours are real winners, hazelnut and pistachio being my favourites, but they also have some Unico specialties like rum chocolate, and due torri, which is made with mascarpone and served with hazelnut and chocolate sauce. You can get that, plus a range of vegan sorbets, at all four of their London locations.” - RS

Open for click and collect and delivery from St John’s Wood, Fulham, and Bromley.

Giulia Verdinelli

Over Under Coffee

££££ 181A Earls Court Road

“Pancakes have pretty much always been popular, so I’m definitely not saying that they’re underrated. I am however saying that the pancakes at this tiny Australian coffee shop in Earl’s Court are some of the best I’ve ever had, and should be rated higher. They come in a messy stack of three pancakes, each one is thick and fluffy and comes topped with greek yoghurt, poached fruit, and maple syrup. The tanginess of the yoghurt goes perfectly with the sweetness of the syrup, and balances out the slightly savoury pancakes, making them the kind of pancakes that you can have for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dessert, or as a pre-dinner snack - basically at any, and all, times.” - RS

Open for takeaway and delivery around west London.



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